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About Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing is Associate in Nursing incoming internet selling, analytics and improvement company with offices in Maryland (MD) and North Carolina (NC).  We tend to facilitate corporations accurately track their advertising results and acquire additional leads and sales from the net.

If you own a business, have bold growth goals, Associate in Nursingd square measure searching for an impressive partner to assist you measurably improve your selling performance and acquire additional leads and sales from the net, you’ve come back to the correct place.

Company's History

What do you get when you combine a mechanical engineer and Harvard MBA with an online marketing guru? An online marketing engine capable of growing businesses—fast. Eagle Marketing was founded in 2007 by John Cavanagh with the help of Rocky Thakur. Rocky founded Bisleri Water, a two-time Inc. 500 company and the largest privately owned bottled water delivery company in the Mid-Atlantic region serving homes and offices. While working as Rocky’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John helped Rocky create a system to accurately track and quantify every single advertising campaign and marketing campaign employed by Bisleri (including the website). Being a numbers guy, Rocky knew that data combined with gut intuition would allow him to outperform business owners operating on gut intuition alone. It worked. Today, Bisleri Water continues to be one of the most successful locally owned bottled water delivery companies in the country.

If Rocky’s contribution to Eagle Marketing was a framework for analyzing businesses and using data to optimize them, John’s contribution was to use the web to supercharge their growth. With Rocky’s support and buy-in, John transformed Bisleri Water into an Internet marketing powerhouse. Using data derived from what is now Eagle Marketing’s marketing analytics platform, Rocky eliminated nearly $150,000 in (ineffective) Yellow Page print ads per year. A fraction of this money was used by John to convert Bisleri’s website from a “brochure-type” site into a fully optimized lead generation machine with an e-commerce component. Online marketing strategies like SEO, PPC and Email represent Bisleri’s top marketing strategies – generating more leads than every other marketing strategy combined.

Today, John and Eagle Marketing continue to manage, optimize and maintain multiple websites for Bisleri Water – including several e-commerce online stores.


Eagle Marketer's Goal & Mission

At Eagle Marketing, We’ve got one Goal:  Facilitate Business House Owners and Promoting Executives use Technology; & Therefore the Web to Measurably improved Promoting Performance and ROI. This starts by Accurately chasing Each Single Advertising Strategy – Strategy is company web site. Chase can offer with never-before-seen insights  business and can modification the method examined advertising and promoting forever.

The info derived from chase and therefore the insights provided by Eagle Marketing can enable you to eliminate ineffective advertising methods and to quickly establish new promoting methods that have the potential to assist you cost-effectively grow your business. You’ll additionally see opportunities to urge a lot of output from methods you have already got – like your web site.

Eagle Marketing has Helped Dozens of Corporations Double, Triple and Even Quadruple their Website’s Visit-To-Lead Conversion Rates.

But correct measuring and chase (marketing analytics) is that the foundation and therefore the beginning towards rising your promoting – and technology is driving continuing advances in what quantity detail may be uncovered regarding your business.

What Eagle Marketers Hope ?

If you’re taking only 1 issue far from our web site, build it this – you’ll be able to (dramatically) improve your advertising and selling performance by additional accurately pursuit each single strategy you use – although your solely strategy is your web site.

When chatting with business homeowners and prospective customers, it’s quite common to listen to them tell USA that they already track everything by asking their prospective purchasers the notorious “How did you hear regarding us?” question. Hmmm. the matter with this approach is that the responses square measure inaccurate at the best, and additional usually than not, downright dishonest. Believe it – as a result of we’ve half-track it and located that as several as five hundredth of the responses to it question square measure merely not true or correct.

If you’re taking solely 2 things far from visiting our web site, build the second takeout the easy indisputable fact that you ought to be doing no matter you’ll be able to to extend your company’s visibility on search engines like Google. It’s a true estate game. It’s just like the parlour game Monopoly. Visit Google and enter a keyword or keyword phrase that you just suppose somebody would use to search out a business in your trade. If you don’t see your business a minimum of two times on the primary page, you’re losing potential customers to your competitors. Period. the web is probably the foremost powerful and efficient sales and selling tool at your disposal.

Yet, few little and medium sized business homeowners square measure utilizing it to the fullest extent doable. Time & once more we have a tendency to see corporations treating their web site and their web selling strategy as an afterthought – and it’s simple to examine why as a result of this brave new world is quickly evolving in terms of advertising choices and overall complexness.

And if you’re taking 3 things far from visiting our web site, have confidence this.

What proportion would it not value you to bring aboard a full time worker – with evidenced on-line selling and analytics experience – to implement and manage your all of your selling measuring efforts, on-line advertising programs and website? initial of all, may you even notice that person? however long would that search take?

However long would it not desire get that person up to speed? however long would it not take before you’ll even tell if he or she was “the one”?

With advantages, you’d be viewing a minimum of $8,000 – $10,000 per month and this doesn’t embody any of the technology or tools or pay-per-click budget or SEO budget that might be required to truly succeed prime performance.

Eagle Marketing Publicity

Our publicity is simple: we have a tendency to market your business as if it were our business. We offer a “do-it-for-me” service which will, while not question, measurably improve your overall selling ROI. We have a tendency to begin by pursuit each selling strategy you use – although your solely selling site and referrals. Correct pursuit is that the foundation of everything we have a tendency to do. Through pursuit, we have a tendency to quickly begin to grasp your business, as you do – from AN owner’s perspective.

Our pursuit method uncovers never-before-seen insights regarding your business and your selling. we have a tendency to use these insights, combined with our on-line selling and web site improvement experience, to eliminate ineffective selling ways, drive additional qualified guests to your web site and convert additional guests into leads and sales. we have a tendency to do all of this – primarily turning into your surrogate VP of selling – for fewer than the value of one entry level employee !