Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Goal For Social Media Marketing ! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc.

Think social media promoting services area unit only for restaurants and “sexy” businesses? suppose again! Contrary to what some business house owners believe, social media websites will generate a big variety of leads, sales, and referrals for your business.

Almost each business will enjoy claiming their social media profiles and testing social media promoting campaigns. whereas most firms recognize they ought to be victimisation social media to promote their business, they don’t recognize what networks to take a position in—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.—or what proportion, and that’s wherever we have a tendency to step in. Blue Corona’s social media promoting services take away the complexness of social media promoting for business house owners and allow you to stick with what you recognize best—running your business!

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Technique To Provide Assistance & Service


An Expert that understands Business and Advertising, to be your guide.


(Clients can actually understand) that To Connect social performance to your bottom line.


that includes an Analyst, Web Designer/Developer, and a Dedicated Professional Copywriter.


( Better Expertised Data Drives for Better Results & ROI )

Result Proven Social Media ( Facebook & Instagram) Services

Our social media advertising services assist you generate immediate results on social media.

We have a tendency to connect your product or services to thousands of individuals WHO is also inquisitive about them.

Our social media advertising services can enable you to leverage the foremost cost-efficient and targeted variety of advertising offered these days.

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Our Social Media Advertising Services Can Help You With :

Spend your advertising greenbacks wisely

  • Social media advertising is that the most efficient type of advertising on the market these days.
  • Compared to ancient media, our social media advertising services square measure 3x less expensive.

Advertise to your Actual Demographic

  • Advertising through social media is powerful as a result of you’ll be able to target your actual demographic.
  • On average, you’ll be able to pay $5 and reach 1k people.

We & Us Are Able To Assist You Reach Your Targeted Audiences :

Demographics :

Run laser-targeted advertisements to folks supported their interests and on-line behaviors. We are able to target specific ages, locations, financial gain levels, and far more !

Email Lists :

Send your email list to United States of America and that we will run custom ads to your email info. If you have got the emails of previous leads or customers, Say hullo to repeat sales and new referrals.

Website Visitors :

Add re-targeting pixels to your web site and advertise to recent web site guests. Solely 1-2% of holiday makers convert on their initial visit. We’ll use re-targeting to extend your rate of conversions.

Get Quick Results with Social Media Advertising :

Our Social Media Advertising services expedites your results. You’ll be able to reach folks instantly. This suggests you’ll be able to generate followers, engagement, and web site traffic quick.

The additional ad greenbacks you’re able to give, the additional folks we are able to reach. As you reach additional folks, you open up the door for additional awareness, traffic and sales.

FACT :  We tend to looked into a hundred little business ad accounts. Ninety fifth of the ad accounts weren’t optimized properly, leading to a wasted ad pay.

* Don’t waste another dollar.

Social Media Marketing Services : Our Process

Our Process for Social Advertising and Expanding Business is Similar to our approach to marketing in General :   TRACK > TEST > TWEAK > REPEAT.    Simply put, One can’t Maximize What you Fail to Measure and track.   Better Data Equivalent To Better Results.

1.  Assign an Expert Manager to your Account

A social media manager with advertising expertise can assist you decrease prices and increase results. We are going to assign a commercial specialist on our workers to run your social media advertisements. This person can learn your Business, Develop associate Advertising strategy, and Execute it.

2.  Develop a Real Advertising Strategy

Don’t pay another dollar till you’ve got a social media advertising strategy. We are going to develop a transparent and laconic ad strategy for your business. It’ll embody proved advertising funnels to point out you the way we have a tendency to set up on changing strangers into web site traffic and conversions.

3.  Create Engaging Advertisements

Launch ads that folks truly need to click on. Our ad specialists can write your copy, headlines, and develop pictures for your campaign. Area unit going to conjointly A/B split check your advertisements to spot that ads are driving the foremost results.

4.  Monitor Your Ads and Optimize

Identify low-performing areas of your ad campaigns quick. We’r going to keep an eye fixed on your campaign daily. If results begin to say no, we are going to sight it directly and pause low-performing ads. As Premium, we are able to launch new ads to stay the results returning in.

5.  Reporting and Communication

Know how you’r paid search Advertisements activity. Your ad specialist can prepare monthly reportage for you to review. Extra, we are going to install conversion following on your advertisements. This can report the quantity of conversions we have a tendency for generating with our social media advertising services.

Why Us For Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Our goal is to be the most effective analytical, data-driven on-line promoting and social media promoting company on the planet ! In contrast to alternative social promoting firms, we have a tendency to operate from the attitude of a business owner (our account managers have gotten to understand a lot of regarding business than most “Social Gurus” can ever know—call North American nation and see).

We strive to supply Superior Service by providing the subsequent to all or any our Social Media Promoting Clients :

#   We’re Advertising Consultants

We run social media advertising campaigns a day. We’ve expertise and well-tried knowledge on best-practices relating to copy, headlines, and keywords. We tend to perceive A/B split testing, conversion improvement, and retargeting. Don’t pay it slow making an attempt to work this out. you’ve got a business to run.

#   Low-Risk Contracts

Our services area unit backed with high integrity and wish to earn your trust through providing nice work.

#   Get a Lot of for your Cash

Spending your entire budget on workplace is like shopping for a automobile while not gas. We tend to don’t wish you to pay United States of America a high retainer. We’d rather you pay United States of America for actuality price of the service and pay any extra budget in paid advertising. This may facilitate United States of America, help you.